Welcome to my genealogy research service that offers you the opportunity to discover who and what your ancestors were and chart your family tree.

Tracing your family history can be extremely rewarding, however this involves many hours of painstaking research, endless amounts of patience and inevitably some legwork. Many people who are keen to start out on this journey soon realise that they either don't have the spare time or simply don't know where to start.

This is where I can help.....

Whether you wish to trace your own family tree or present a special gift to a loved one, you can be assured of a full research at a price to meet your individual needs.

After a FREE initial discussion, I will offer an efficient, economical and informative service for those who wish to learn more about their family's history, for an agreed price. My aim and pledge is to conduct in-depth research to discover who your ancestors were, where they lived, what they did and when and where they were born, married and, perhaps, even died or where they were buried.

Taking your knowledge of who your recent ancestors were and any information which you can obtain from your relatives, I will use national and local sources, indexes and documentation to extend our knowledge of the history of your family.

The results of this extensive research will be presented to you in a detailed Research Report with copies of the records which have been obtained. If I do not discover any information there will be nothing to pay.

With current knowledge of your family, I can provide, a family tree or ‘family bible’ which incorporates the original information known to you and the new relationships found. I can then make suggestions for further research that can be made.

The Family bible will include:

1.                        Paternal and maternal pedigree charts (subject to the research).

2.                        Information about your direct and indirect relations.

3.                        Family tree charts.

4.                        A detailed index of individuals.

5.                        Detailed relationship paths, explaining how you are related to   
               everybody in your family tree.

6.                        Index of places - where people were born, where they lived, etc.

7.                        Index of dates - notable events such as births, marriages and deaths.

8.                        Birth, marriage and death certificates are also available, (subject to
                your agreement and additional payment).

On receipt of the Research Report, you can decide whether you wish to proceed to a subsequent stage of investigation on this family. Alternatively, you may wish to learn more about one of the other surnames found in your ancestry. If so, I will be pleased to help you to learn more about that family too.