I am a genealogy researcher with several years of experience in successfully tracing ancestors and producing family trees on behalf of family and friends. 

With over 20 years working in genealogy, I have an excellent knowledge of what it takes to get to the bottom of a story. Having a good eye and attention to detail means that you can be assured of accuracy and many hours of dedicated research before any results are provided.

My personal voyage of discovery was started by a simple question from my son, as having been from a family milk dairy business for the past 100 years......."Were previous generations of our family all dairy farmers "? The answer was that I didn't know, but I soon became determined to find out for myself and have never looked back. After many months of detailed research I have proved that they were publicans in Essex. This research has since taken me on an exciting journey through the centuries and across the globe to discover who my ancestors really were and I can now trace my family back to the time of William the Conqueror.

Having successfully completed many genealogy projects in my spare time – including along the way, finding adopted siblings that were unknown of and contacting relatives around the world - I have now decided to offer my services to clients who are looking for a personal and professional approach to family history research without having to spend a lot of money.

My new business venture provides you with a fantastic opportunity to have all the hard work completed both fully and professionally on your behalf and provide you with the facts about your ancestors at a very affordable price. 

I will update you on all progress made throughout the research process and make you feel part of the special journey through time to discover who and what your ancestors were and chart your very own family history and tree.

I look forward to working with you very soon. 

Dean Stokes   

 Genealogy Researcher