Previous research findings:

Anderson: Tree included: Countries - Jamaica, Jersey, Northern Rhodesia, Canada, Scotland.
                                         Unusual Christian Name: Faithful
                                         Occupations: Motor Trader, Coal Miner, Power Loom Weaver, Post Office Clerk & Postmaster, Drapers Porter, Restaurant Manager, Dressmaker Blouse Hand, Printer Compositor, Railway Engine Driver, Signalman, Tramway Inspector, Paper Maker, Horse Dealer and Groom, Blacksmith, School Teacher, Master Saddler, Huntsman and Horse Clipper, Innkeeper, Shoemakers Apprentice, Farmers and Labourers.

Auton: Tree Included: Countries - Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, America.
                                   Occupations: Army Major, Coal Miner workers (Hewers and Putters), Stone miner, Iron miner, Blacksmith, Saddlers Apprentice, Fisherman, Musician, Drapers Salewoman, Firewood Delivery Man, Carrier, Master Boot and Shoe Maker, Coal Labourer, Cooper, Dressmaker, Farmer, Railway Platelayer Labourer, Innkeeper, Baker, Steel Director, Art Student, Engine Maker and Fitter, Washer women, Fence Waller, Skinner Apprentice, Leather Currier and Pauper.


Jarvis: Tree Included many surname changes (mis-spellings) made this research difficult but still possible. Found relative in Norway and contacted them to establish communication with the client.
                    Occupations: Child Model, Sailor in the Navy, Cellarman,  Confectioner, Chef, Leather Finisher, Coopers Labourer,  Master Builder, Baker, Pastry Cook, Motor Cycle Accessory Maker, Staymaker (corset maker),  Brewers Labourer,  Stamp Perforator, Pill Maker, Dressmaker, Milk Lad, Railway Train Stoker, Plumber, Book Binder, Wesleyan Minister, Butcher, Horse Keeper, Cement Labourer, Boot and Shoe Maker, Wheelwright, Bread and Stone Dealer, Gardner, Carpet Weaver, Tailor and Dressmaker, Master Watchmaker, Teacher, Gas Fitter, Artesian Well Drinker (?),  Farmers Baliff, Brickmaker, Police Constable, Lace Maker, Shepherd, Pauper, Iron Moulder, Silk Winder,

Jennings: Tree Included : An unknown member of the family who was put up for adoption.
                 Occupations: Dressmakers Apprentice, Needlewoman, Cattleman, Coachbuilders Apprentice, Beer Retailer/Seller, Farm Manager, Police Constable, Garden Labourer and Pauper.

Povey: Tree Included: A decorated war hero.
            Occupations: Soldiers, Shoemaker, Stone Mason, Castle Caretaker, Gun Barrel filer, Press Worker,  Cabinet Maker,  Spoon and Fork Maker, Brass Worker, Seamstress, Boatmans Labourer, Baker, Charwoman, Master Builder, Coal Haulier,

Stokes: (my own) Traced back to the Battle of Hastings (1066) and the first Stokes in the UK.
             Occupations: Coach Builders Apprentice, Dairy Farmer, Drapers Assistant, Barmaid, Innkeeper, Farmer, Miller, Ladysmaid, Master Butcher, Grocer,  Domestic Nurse, Corn Merchant, Chemist, Hotel Proprietor, Railway Porter, Coal Miner and Hewer, Ship Assistant, Pauper, Solider, Shoemaker, Pastry Cook, Charwoman, Engine Fitter at Colliery, Blacksmith, Thatcher, Groom, Higgler (a haggler/wheeler dealer), Laserunner (?), Sheriff of London, Knights and Barons,