Terms and Conditions

I will treat all dealings with the client in the strictest confidence. I will not pass personal or research information of any kind to any other party without the express written permission of the client.

Each commission will begin with a consultation with the client to agree the subject and scope of the work to be carried out. We will carry out this initial consultation free of charge.

I will agree a number of project hours or a budgeted total cost before work commences. I will not carry out work beyond the agreed limit without the agreement of the client.

Where I agree an open-ended budget with the client, I will produce regular progress reports at a frequency agreed with the client.

Wherever relevant, we will obtain photocopies of appropriate items. Charges for copying documents will be passed on at cost. I will not apply a handling charge or a mark-up to copying costs.

Where the purchase of documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates, copies of wills, and the like is required, I will pass the cost of the purchase on to the client. There will be no mark-up or handling charge added to the cost and these additional costs will be agreed prior to purchasing.

I will use normal postal services to deliver research results and photocopies. If the client requires a more secure form of delivery. This must be agreed in advance in writing and the cost of such a service will be passed on to the client at cost. I cannot accept responsibility for items lost in the post.

Postal and telephone expenses to non-UK destinations will be passed on to the client.
No charge will be made for electronic communications e.g. Email.

I operate my service within the United Kingdom. As such, it is subject to the laws of England and Wales. All transactions and any other dealings of any kind will be subject to the jurisdiction of England and Wales.